Thursday, 24 June 2010

Is it bad to pop blackheads?

What are the effects of popping/squeezing blackheads?Is it bad to pop blackheads?
boil a pot of water and then take a towel, put it over your head, lean over the hot pot of water, (it opens your pores) then u can pop ur black heads and watever else u want =)Is it bad to pop blackheads?
no its not bad, if its big you will notice a tiny hole in your face and make up and dirt can get in it just clean up real well after popping it
its just sick yooooo

but its safe
Popping is not always the best way to get rid of blackheads. For, many a times, it could lead to worse consequences in the form of increased infection and permanent scarring. Therefore decision to go or not to go for it should solely lie with you. Those who have slightest of doubts regarding the results of extracting or popping pores should simply debar the popping. And the others who want to remove blackheads with this method should first educate them on this.

Here is a site for step by step information:鈥?/a>
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