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I have a 12 year old daughter with fairly bad skin, blackheads and zits.?

Do you think its hormones? What kind of over the counter treatment is good or should i have her see a dermatologist? Keep in mind she is a very beautiful girl and would love to see her complexion clear up.I have a 12 year old daughter with fairly bad skin, blackheads and zits.?
a lot of kids get really bad acne when their young. Its part of puberty.

when i was 11-13 i had really bad acne (huge pimples, zits, blackheads)

Its mostly because of stress (starting school, fitting in, liking someone)

If its really bad, i would suggest going to a doctor and having them check her out and see what kind of skin (acne) she has and prescribe her something that wont irritate her face and keep it clean.

Or go to rite aid or walmart and buy a cleanser, that should clean up her face and prevent bacteria from causing pimples..

What i use is rubbing alcohol, this actually kills bacteria on your face and you see results in one day.

it really clears up acne, trust meI have a 12 year old daughter with fairly bad skin, blackheads and zits.?
home remedies are best. Buying other treatments such as proactiv, clean and clear, etc will just make her skin need the product even more, and.. it's just not good.

Try this:

1 aspirin crushed.

+2 tbs water

+1 tbs honey

+1 tbs baking soda

Then have her use it like a scrub for two minutes. Then rinse it off with warm-hot water, splash cold water onto her face, pat dry, and then use an organic moisturizer = Natural Acne Solutions Daily Moisturizing Lotion (BURT'S BEES)

Have her do that TWICE in one week:

W1: everything with the aspirin

W2: everything BUT the aspirin

W3: everything BUT the aspirin

W4: everything with the aspirin.

So basically every two weeks use it with the aspirin. Haha.

It works wonders on the skin. Even leaving it smooth and glowing :)

Good luck!
It is most likely hormones. I was around that age when I started getting bad acne. If it's pretty bad and you have insurance, it's definitely worth taking her to see a dermatologist. I struggled for years with mine and then finally at age 18, I got a medicine that worked and cleared it up.

Otherwise, have her wash her face 1-2 times a day with a good cleanser (I really like Aveeno) and then use a moisturizer (I like Olay Hydrating Cream for Sensitive Skin). You can get both at Wal-Mart.
I started breaking out when I was twelve.

Whatever you do, don't tell her she has bad skin or ask, ';Have you been washing your face?';, ';You have some acne, sweetie'; or anything like that. It will make her more self conscious and frustrated. I think she knows she has some blemishes.

If she's just beginning to get them, its most likely puberty.

Give her some face washes to try; Proactiv, Neutrogena, Clean%26amp;Clear. Just give her a variety to try out, along with moisturizers.

If her skin doesn't clear up after a month or two, that's your cue to take her to the dermatologist. Remember, handle it carefully. Girls tend to be...fragile, at this age. Don't sweat about her skin more than she does.

While trying new washes and routines, provide her with some good quality concealers and loose powders to help cover the acnes. Try BareMinerals, or even Revlon's ColorStay Concealer. It has Salicylic acid in it to help clear blemishes.

Provide her with sources to understand acne, like getting her a subscription to Girl's Life Magazine, or getting books like American Girl Body Book.

Most likely could try going to a dermatologist and either finding a good face wash for her or get a prescription to some acne medication (that stuff usually works wonders!). Good face washes are Neutragena, clean and clear, or proactiv. Good luck!
you don't have to let her see a dermatologist. buy her a good cleanser and get acne medication from a doctor. tell her to keep using them daily. it'll do wonders. i had the same problem. good luck!
It's Puberty. Have her wash her face with warm water and soap when she wakes up and before she goes to bed. it'll clean the oil and prevent zits. You don't really have to see a dermatoligist.
i know how she feels. i say take her to a dermatologist. they can really help with giving advice and prescribing face wash and medicine.
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